Our firm shaped up in 2000, but our professional
practice looks back at 24 year pasts.
Credo burial with 10 capital employees,
5 motor hearses with a motor vehicle,
his lip with two offices, my space is at disposal of a show, and on the county's area
20 of our offices can be found.
We undertake the overall transaction of cremation
funerals with casket and with these the administration of related papers, furthermore exhumation, dead person transport onto inland and onto foreign countries (bigger distances we can provide a considerable discount), onto funerals the order of wreaths with delivery, the uptake of mourning advertisings, ÁNTSZ the organization of burying the management of permits, church one and social one,happened abroad death his departed home dekivery, concerning departed person carrying a load onto foreign countries in our homeland.

Our office, is beside the old cemetery on his lip.

According to the family's wish we transact the funerals
according to local and church habits.

Civil funeral ceremony form / PDF 4.0 formats/
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