Our services

  • International dead person transport
  • funeral, cremation
  • the necessary one acessories(coffins, urn, other) his selection our indicator hall
  • the organization of church and social ceremonies
  • wreath and flower order with delivery
  • the uptake of mourning advertising
  • mortuary registration certificate,
    ÁNTSZ the purchase of permits
  • widow's pension and the management
    of the claim of orphan supply
  • information from a funereal loan and aids
  • exhumation
  • dead person transport onto inland and foreign
    countries with a considerable discount
  • gravestone cleaning renovation

Burial service:
We would like to help it with our best knowledge for everybody,
who is szerettét lost his relative.
We help with the organization of the funeral in his overall transaction
and in the purchase of included documents.
We try to fulfil mourners' wishes maximally and to take an all kinds of burden off their shoulder. Onto a telephonic discussion we go to house even and we talk it over
there with the funeral related ones to be arranged.
We are struggling along with our prices to suit, our customers their material opportunities.

Civil funeral ceremony form / PDF 4.0 formats/
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